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  • Giny Grass

    Giny Grass

    / Managing Director

    Giny started the company in 1999. Giny spends almost as much time in the auckland office as she does in the Australia office. Giny is the brains ...

  • Lucas Boshoff-James

    Lucas Boshoff-James

    / Developer

    Lucas joined the company in august of 2003 as a tech support officer and system admin for the company and took over the .NET developer role in 2007. ...

  • Beth Alford

    Beth Alford

    / Technical Support

    Beth has worked in every department over her 15 years with the company and uses her experience to provide the most efficient solutions ...

  • Donna Lincoln

    Donna Lincoln

    / Support Officer

    Donna came to work in the New Zealand office in 2000 after working for various Real Estate companies in Auckland. Donna moved to Australia in 2010 ...

My team is passionate about the work they do and they work tirelessly to help my clients achieve their goals.

Giny Grass, General Manager