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Realnz RPM is an outstanding property management program which eliminates unnecessary chores and gives control back to your working day. With extremely user-friendly functionality and everything on one screen, daily tasks become much easier.

As with the core Realnz office product, the advertising placement and costs are tracked. This gives you accurate financial reporting on your advertising expenditure by property, property manager or media.

Special features include: the ability to recall any tenant's history at any time, the ability to re-print landlord statements from years ago, auto re-posting of "from and to" dates, archive landlords without affecting the programs day to day use, tenant mailing addresses, transactions automatically updating at the point of entry, reinstate files at any time, vacant property reports with photos, window cards, in-built RTA and PAMD Form merges, a unique balancing wizard to ensure you are always balanced, automatic web loading.

Landlord emailing statements and SMS tenant arrears come as standard and at no extra cost. These are just some of the time saving functions included as standard.

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Feature rich modules

Manage landlords with the click of a button including emailing of statements and bulk creation of newsletters, letters and forms. 

Send duplicate statements for multiple owners, split payments and a variety of payment frequencies to ensure that you can provide the service required by your landlords.

Scan and save creditor invoices and keep track of all documents and statements via file archiving.

  • Forms Merge
  • Office Letter Merge
  • Creation of Automatic Banking Files
  • Multiple payment frequencies
  • Statement Emailing
  • Creditor Invoice Scanning
  • Document Storage
  • Month End Statements with Newsletter

With the ability to recall any tenant's history at any time, auto re-posting of "from and to" dates,  tenant mailing addresses including previous addresses and  tenant invoicing, you can't go wrong.   Merge Office letters and RTA forms and automatically archive them for reference later.

  • Office Letter Merge
  • SMS tenant arrears
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Rent file import
  • Forms Merge
  • Tenant Invoicing

Detailed property data used for managerial reporting, inspections and advertising.  Bulk webloading, creation of window cards and flyers and vacant property reports to find the perfect tenant as quickly as possible.

  • Webloading
  • Advertising
  • Document scanning and storage
  • Flyers and Window Cards
  • Inspection reporting and scheduling
  • Integration with the LIVEinspector App
  • Jobs and Repairs

Manage repairs and bills with the integrated creditor module included free of charge.  Reoccuring charges for landlords or tenants and automatic banking file creation makes keeping up to date on payment of invoices seemless. 

Scan creditor invoices to attach to the landlord and email repairs directly to the creditor. 

  • Jobs and Repairs
  • Recurring landlord and tenant invoices
  • Creation of Automatic Banking Files
  • Payout Wizards
  • Creditor Invoice Scanning

Manage your property management trust account with comprehensive reporting such as Trial balalances, reconciliation, balancing wizard, receipt schedule and ledgers. 

  • Daily Balancing Wizard
  • Payout Wizards
  • Trust Reconciliation
  • Trust Trial Balance
  • Receipt Schedule

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Neighbourly is a New Zealand owned company founded by a team of individuals passionate about building stronger, safer and more vibrant communities.



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