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Following up on our successful desktop system over the last 20 years comes Realnz Cloud, our fully cloud based listings solution.  Realnz Cloud is accessible from wherever you are, whenever you need it.  All you need is an internet connection.  Manage your listings and clients from your tablet or laptop on the road.

Realnz Cloud has all of the same web loading functionality as Realnz Classic, easily sending your listings to the broad selection of web portals that we support.

Being cloud based, you no longer have to fork out for costly network and server infrastructure in your office every year.  Backups are handled automatically by the system and there are no ongoing software updates to worry about.  

Realnz Cloud will grow with your business with the easy addition of extra branches, staff and users.  New features are already in development to ensure you can achieve the same functionality in Realnz Cloud as you can in Realnz Classic.

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  • Listings entry
  • Open Home Management
  • Webloading
  • Sales Contract Management
  • Flyers and Window Cards

  • Target codes

  • Contract entry
  • Merge to REINZ eForms

Flexible integration options Ltd is the official online media company of the New Zealand real estate industry. The company provides a number of websites targeted to provide listings across the main categories of real estate.

TradeMe Property is one of the leading realestate listing portals in New Zealand, catering specifically for the kiwi property market.

REINZ eForms

REINZ eForms

REINZ eForms provides Legal Contracts to the Real Estate industry in New Zealand.



JUWAI LIMITED's Web site - outside the home network formally launched in November 2011. It is tailor-made for the domestic buyer needs a professional global international network of real estate Chinese search engine and information platform.

Landlords can advertise rentals on for free if you are a member of Tenants can find rentals anywhere in NZ. Tenants can load and hold Tenancy Applications online.



More and more prospective buyers are now viewing property on the internet, and many will make their inspection shortlist based upon what they see there. Progressively more sellers are now realising the importance that high quality photographs have on the successful sale of their property.

Have a look around and you’ll find hundreds of information-packed articles in the lifestyle file covering just about everything you need to know about rural living.

Neighbourly is a New Zealand owned company founded by a team of individuals passionate about building stronger, safer and more vibrant communities.



List Property in Facebook. Sell More with Automatic Campaigns

Property portal targeted at Chinese buyers

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