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Realnz Classic is a highly productive Real Estate Trust accounting software package that delivers a time saving solution and eliminates duplication of tasks for Real Estate Administrators. Realnz Classic has been helping run some of the biggest and smallest real estate companies in New Zealand for over 20 years.

Realnz Classic offers increased office productivity by removing unnecessary double entry of data.  The incorporation of sales, listings, creditors, debtors, general ledger and trust accounting modules within a single program removes the need for you to pay for extra software products to maintain your business.  The consolidation of all your data in a central location also improves the ability of your office administrative team to get their job done in a highly efficient manner.

Realnz Classic provides seamless integration with our LIVE platform, document and contract template providers, and the best and biggest web portals for New Zealand property.  The system is designed to provide your business the greatest flexibility possible.  It allows your business to use the modules it needs now, and provides the options to start using others later to supercharge your productivity.  

Realnz Classic is all you need to support a successful sales force and also performs all of the back-office administration tasks required to keep your business running smoothly.  It provides you with a single window into the health and profitability of your business, removing the need and cost of running multiple programs and spreadsheets to keep your business balanced.

Realnz Classic is the perfect real estate software solution for your real estate business! 

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Feature rich modules

New listings are automatically matched to buyers, and vice versa.

Window cards, flyers and advertisements are produced, and placed directly from the listing screen.

Listing details merge directly to forms both internally and through external form providers.

Creation and merge of sales contracts.

Direct sales integration.

Load directly to industry and customised web-sites.

Vendor charges are tracked, with a reminder to collect money owed at time of settlement.

  • Listings Entry
  • Buyer Matching
  • Open Home Management
  • Webloading
  • Sales Contract Management
  • Office Letter Merge
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Advertising
  • EForms Merge for contracts
  • Flyers and Window Cards

Residential, Commercial, Business, Rural, Vacant Land and Project Sales.
Built-in safe guards protect your office from potential fraudulent behavior.
Fully integrated general ledger which automatically calculates your Profit & Loss and GST Return for no extra cost.
Automatic archiving of statements and reports.

  • Integration with the Listings Module
  • Integration with the General Ledger
  • Sales and Deal Management
  • Emailing of salesperson & Solicitor statements
  • Office Excel Export
  • Office Letter Merge
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Integration with RealNZ LIVE

Deposits and advertising costs are traced from inception to conclusion. Payments made automatically at settlement. 

  • Open home tracking
  • Campaign management
  • Financial reporting

Deposits and advertising costs are traced from inception to conclusion. Salespeople's commissions are automatically calculated, as are any bonuses, tax or superannuation.

  • Trust Reconciliation
  • Trust Trial Balance
  • Month End Wizard
  • Archiving of reports
  • Integration from Sales module

Realnz has the option of a fully integrated general ledger which automatically calculates your Profit & Loss for no extra cost.

Streamline your work day by automatically eliminating double entry of data and follow an easy workflow using the integrated administration functions.

  • Profit and Loss
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Budgeting
  • GST
  • Daily Balancing Wizard
  • Importing of Payments
  • Reporting

Maintain employees personal records, entitlement figures, payment activity, year to date income records, super payments and tax rates. Create automatic bulk payment files to import into your banking system for ease of payments and automatic lodgement for tax returns.

  • Employee personal details records
  • Year to date earnings
  • Electronic filing with IRD
  • Kiwisaver deductions
  • Leave entitlement records

Easily track all outstanding invoices and incoming payments using the debtors module.  Ability to update standard invoices and email statements in bulk to ensure optimum time efficiency.

  • Standard Invoicing
  • Invoice importing
  • Statement Emailing
  • Multiple Statement Formats
  • Audit Reporting

Maintain all outstanding debts using the creditors module, create bulk payment files to import into your banking system and automatically email remittances.

  • Creation of Automatic Banking Files
  • Remittance emailing
  • Scanning of Invoices to archive
  • Audit Reporting

Manage your clients with exports, letter merges, bulk emailing, targeting, buyer matching and much more.  Built in event scheduling ensures contact with clients is maintained every step of the way.

  • Daily Action List
  • Event Scheduling
  • Buyer Matching
  • Bulk allocation of target codes
  • Bulk client emailing
  • Client Targeting
  • Office Letter Merge
  • Client Excel Export

Comprehensive reporting suite allows you to easily track and analyse the performance of your salespeople and your office.
Automatically feed your sales data to the RealNZ LIVE platform* for detailed franchise-wide sales and agent reporting without having to manually collate data from multiple offices.

* Requires a Realnz LIVE platform subscription.

  • Sales reports
  • Managerial reports
  • Performance reports
  • Trust reports
  • Statement summaries
  • Franchise reporting*

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