Rental inspection mobile app


Mobile inspections for residential property managers


Enable your property managers to perform their property inspections more efficiently and effectively through the use of our LIVEinspector property inspection app.  LIVEinspector negates the need to carry a clipboard and a camera to perform property inspections, allowing your staff to complete their tasks in a shorter time, while looking more current and professional to the tenants.

LIVEinspector is available for free download from both the Android Play store and the Apple ITunes store.  Once registered and connected to your company, LIVEinspector will enable effortless syncing of inspections from the Real RPM system.  Users have the option to sync a completed inspection back to Real RPM while on site, during lunch at a cafe, or upon their return to the office.  Status of rooms, comments and photos with any associated comments are all synchronised back with the property within your corporate data, ready to print or email the inspection report to their landlords.

Head over to your app store of choice now and have a play with LIVEinspector in Demo mode for free.

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  • Inspection details sent to device directly from Real RPM.
  • Optionally start inspections with the results from last inspection.

  • Easily detail the condition of each room / area through the use of a thumbs up or down icon
  • Further document the area by adding optional comments and photos with comments
  • Items of concern can also be photographed and comments added specifically to the photo for reporting

  • Sync all agents to a single device, or enable each agent to use their own device.

Agent time saving benefits will easily outweigh the running costs