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  • Posted October 07, 2016

Are you backing up regularly?

Backups are one of the most important day to day jobs in any office. Always make sure to back up to a drive that you can take offsite and where possible, keep a copy offsite at all times by bringing in alternate ...


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  • Posted August 29, 2016

Release Notes

Keeping up to date with Enhancements. Often clients have their tech people update the program and release notes don’t get passed on to the users. Any user can print the release notes at any time ...


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  • Posted August 02, 2016

Getting the most out of Realnz

Over the years, Realnz has become such a comprehensive and multi purpose tool that most users simply aren't aware of the extra capabilities available at their finger tips. Still using an external account program ...


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  • Posted July 01, 2016

Launch of new web site

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new web site, including the completely overhauled LiveAssist support portal.   The new site provides all the same information as the original but the support ...


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  • Posted February 22, 2016

Do you need to Update?

Updates to your Realnz Office classic are available, Log into your LiveAssist account to see the Instructions and complete the Download of the latest update for Realnz Office classic. ...


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  • Posted June 11, 2015

Live Inspector 3

Live inspector has been updated.  Ask us today about using Live Inspector for Property Management Inspections from your apple or android device. ...


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  • Posted March 04, 2013

Realnz Office is now Realnz Classic

The current Realnz Office program has been rebranded to Realnz Classic, this makes way for our new  Realnz Office program.  Realnz Classic will continue to be maintained and updates will be available until ...