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  • Posted March 11, 2019

IRD Payday Filing

Payday Filing

Changes in legislation from April 2019 mean IRD payday filing is now compulsory.

You can choose to file your employment information each payday instead of filing an Employer monthly schedule (IR348) every month.

You will need to register for Payday Filing through your myIR account and once you've opted into payday filing during the voluntary period, you can't revert back to monthly filing.



You must update your Realnz to version 902.36 which is now available. 

The file can be created by browsing to payroll > more reports > electronic filing, select the PAYDAY FILING option NOT EMS.

Once the file has been created take note of the location the file has saved to, it will be called MyIRA_date.csv

You may already have this option available but please ensure you update before using it.