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  • Posted July 05, 2018

RPM - Asbestos Compliance

Asbestos compliance has now been added to Property Management. Enter details on presumption, testing and tenant notification. Detailed and by property reporting allows an overview of the ...


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  • Posted June 18, 2018

Logo added to Sales Trust Receipts



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  • Posted June 11, 2018

Added a 'Due Date' on creditors invoices (RPM) and Trade

Both Creditor invoices and the payment runs now have a due date (Both RPM and Trade) ...


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  • Posted June 07, 2018

New Debtor Invoice Report

New Debtors Report for Raised Invoices in a period ...


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  • Posted June 06, 2018

Debtor Receipt emailing and archiving

Debtor receipts can now be emailed and archived. You can also view the activity and re-print receipt if it is forgotten  ...


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  • Posted October 03, 2017

Sales Staff Summary Report

F12> Sales> Reports> Sales Staff Statements> Update> Summary report  - agent full name added F12> Sales> Reports> Pending Transactions - Agent full name added   Update to the ...


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  • Posted October 02, 2017

Keep track of your Bond lodgement details

New fields added to Tenant Details> Lease & Oth Dets  * Bond Lodgement Date * Bond Lodgement Cheque Number   These field auto populate when the cheque is created and updated through ...


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  • Posted October 02, 2017

RPM Creditor Remittances

Increased the font size for the creditor postal address.   Update to the latest version to start using this feature ...


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  • Posted October 02, 2017

Sales Receipt

Signature added    Update to the latest version to obtain that feature. ...


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  • Posted October 02, 2017

Tenant Details > Letters> Added the email letter functionality

Multiple tenant email address functionality.   Enter the address separated by a semi-colon (;) User  to email multiple tenants within the email letter areas.   Update to the latest version to ...